Not all architects design buildings
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Not all architects design buildings

Solution architects design the complex interactions between business processes and the technologies that enable those processes to function in today's data-driven age. Solutions architects work in the field of information technology, focusing on establishing the best technology solution to meet specific business needs, whether it be applications, hardware or infrastructure services. The whole system.

Our team has experience on multiple Hardware and Software Environments and is comfortable working with complex heterogeneous systems environments.

We design and implement solutions based on our customers visions and requirements.

Why you should consider us

    Reduce spending on technology infrastructure.
  • Reduce capital costs.
  • Minimize licensing new software.
  • Increase volume output or productivity with fewer people.
  • Globalize your workforce on the cheap.
  • Improve accessibility.
  • Monitor projects more effectively.
  • Less personnel training is needed.
  • Improve flexibility.

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Let us help you plan your Information Technology projects
We have experience on multiple Hardware and Software Environments, enabling us to help programme and project managers in the design, planning and governance of implementation projects of any kind.

What is hosted in the cloud? Where do my business fit in? How safe is my data? Who administers everything? Mobile integration Web deployment Application programming interface Web services event notification End user devices

Hosted application solutions
When your organisation has multiple geographically separated sites, even when sites may be across multiple provinces, applications are easily accessed to provide the same functionality as locally installed software, posing a low risk of local system corruption.

Custom software and applications
IQData customizes and creates software and web based solutions for all business sectors.